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Great men of God who were used by the Lord in our Church

Our Founding Leaders:

     Apostle of Christ St. Thomas

Apostle St. Thomas came to Kerala in 52 A.D. from the Middle East on a merchant ship along with a dozen Christian families and established Christianity in Kerala and in India. He converted many to Christianity in Kerala and then travelled to Madras to spread Christianity where he was murdered.  He is buried at St. Thomas Mount in Madras. 

     Thomas the Merchant of Cana, Palestine

In 345 A.D., Thomas, the Merchant of Cana (Syria - Palestine), came to Travancore (now part of Kerala) as the leader of a group of 400 Persian Christian immigrants who left Persia because of religious persecution of Christians under Emperor Sapor II of Persia (310-379 A.D.).  From thence, the Malankara Church in Kerala became known as the “Syrian Church” or the “Malankara Syrian Church”, and its members became known as "Syrian Christians". 

     Rev. Abraham Malpan


     Bishop Mathews Mar Athanasius


     Bishop Abraham Marthoma


     Bishop Most Rev. Dr. K.N. Oommen

Born in the famous Kurumthottical family of Central Travancore in Kerala.  Studied theology at the Bishops College, Calcutta.  He was the Secretary of the Mar Thoma Church for 17 years.  Stood firmly against the anti reformist activities in the Mar Thoma Church.  He became the first Presiding Bishop of the St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India in 1961.  Later, he became the president of the St. Thomas Evangelical Fellowship of India and continued till his Home Going in 1984.  His mortal remains rest at the St. Thomas Mount Church, Ayroor, Kerala. 

     Bishop P. John Varghese

Born in the Parepeedikayil family, Chengannur, Kerala. After taking ordination in the Mar Thoma Church, he founded two Orphanages and Ashrams, one in Tamil Nad and the other in the Central part of Kerala. Thus he became the “Father” of many orphans. He was excommunicated from the Mar Thoma Church for giving leadership to the reformist group in the Church. He became Bishop of the St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India in 1961 along with Bishop K.N. Oommen. Author of several books. Noted one is a daily devotional guide called “Daivathodukoode Alpasamayam” (means A Brief Time with God).  Called Home in 1965. Mortal remains rest at the Head Quarters of the Church at Tiruvalla. 

     Bishop P.S. Varghese

Member of Panamoottil family, Thuruthicad, Kerala.  He was an High School teacher.  Bishop Abraham Mar Thoma of the Mar Thoma Church encouraged him to go for full time ministry and he became a presbyter in the Mar Thoma Church.  Gave leadership to the formation of the St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India.  Later in 1977 he became the Bishop of St. Thomas Evangelical Fellowship of India.  After Bishop K.N. Oommen passed away, he became the president of the Fellowship in 1984.  Called Home in 1996 and the mortal remains rest at the Head Quarters of the Fellowship at Kadapra, Kumbanad, Kerala. 

     K. N. Daniel, Esquire

Elder brother of Bishop K.N. Oommen. Famous church historian, Liturgiolist, theologian, a prominent lawyer, Editor of Malankara Sabha Tharaka (Official Organ /publication of the Mar Thoma Church).  Served the Mar Thoma Church.  Was single and unmarried all his life.  He fought a good fight till his death in 1965 to safeguard the fundamental faith of the Mar Thoma Church for which he filed a court case against the Mar Thoma Metropolitan.  Later he joined the St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India. 

     Rev. P.C. Zachariah

Born on September 27, 1907, in the Poozhikalayil Family in Kumbanad, Kerala.  Received his theology degrees in Serampore College in Calcutta, India, and General Theological Seminary in New York, USA.  After ordination in the Mar Thoma Church, he was appointed as a missionary in North Travancore and then at South Travancore.  A dedicated Missionary and excellent speaker, and Seminary Professor, he established several new mission fields, constructed several new churches, and brought many to Christianity in Kerala.  Gave able leadership to the formation of the St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India.  He was the first General Secretary of the Evangelical Church.  Later he gave leadership to the Fellowship.  He donated to the Fellowship a 6000 sq. ft. Fellowship Headquarters building in memory of his late wife, Mrs. Elizaba Zachariah, and a Fellowship Auditorium that can accommodate nearly 1000 members in memory of his parents, Poozhikalayil Thomas & Mariamma Chacko.  He was the editor of Fellowship Beacon till he was called Home on November 24, 1992.  He had been an ordained minister for 55 years and was an active missionary when he passed away.  After his death, all his properties including bank accounts were donated to the Fellowship as per his will.  His children then donated their ancestral properties in Trivandrum to the Fellowship. 

     Rev. P.I. Mathai (Plavunkal Achen)

Close friend of Bishop Abraham Mar Thoma of the Mar Thoma Church. Professor at the Bible Institute of the Mar Thoma Church.  Great Bible scholar of his time.  Gave leadership to the formation of the Evangelical Church.  He was the Presiding Presbyter at the Inauguration Ceremony of the Church as well as the Consecration of the Bishops, in 1961.  Won many youngsters for Christ through personal evangelism. Called home in 1972. 

     Mrs. Mariamma Abraham

Born in an ancient Roman Catholic family and later married into Kurudamannil family in Ayroor.  Saved through the Bible Class of Rev. P.I. Mathai.  During the period of Pathiopadesa Samithy in the Mar Thoma Church, she gave leadership to the women folks.  Later she became the secretary of the women’s wing of the Church.  Her mature and godly advices to the women in the Church will be remembered for ever.  She was a grand mother to all the members of the Fellowship.  Her vision and endeavors made the present Women’s Home a reality. 

     A.G. Mathew, Esquire

Member of Kurudamannil family Ayroor, Kerala.  An advocate by profession but with good Christian virtues.  Gave remarkable contribution in framing the constitution of the Evangelical Church as well as the Fellowship.  Called home in 1983. 

     Mr. K.T. Philip

He was an evangelist in the Mar Thoma Evangelistic Association and later joined the Evangelical Church.  He was an evangelist in south Travancore mission fields working with Rev. P.C. Zachariah.  Hardworking and faithful, he fought against the social evils in the mission fields.  Gave leadership to the Church in South Travancore region. 

     Mr. K. Abraham

Member of Ayroor Kurudamannil family.   Gave leadership during the formation of the Evangelical Church and he was the first lay Trustee of the Church.  Gave leadership to the Pathiopadesa Samithy also.  During the initial years he was the Fellowship's Treasurer. 

     Mr. P.K. Mathew, Valakom

Son of the great hymn writer Mr. P.M. Kochukuru, who came out from the Jacobite Church for the Faith.  Licensee and physician who successfully used herbal medicines to treat snake bites.  Gave able leadership in the North Travancore area for the church.  Lead a simple and pious life. 

     Mr. N.I. Varkey

Born in Nedumaril family.  Co worker of Bishop John Varghese in Tamil Nad as well as in Kerala.  A True spokesman for the evangelical faith.  Gave able leadership to the Church in North Travancore. 

     Evangelist Mr. P.C. Chacko

Member of Poozhikalayil family.  Elder brother Rev. P.C. Zachariah.  Hardworking evangelist co worker of Sadhu Kochukunju, the famous evangelist and hymn writer of Kerala.  Called Home in  

     Evangelist P.V. Paily

He was a fighter to the cause of evangelical faith. Worked as an evangelist in Tamil Nad also. Many backward class people were won for Christ through his ministry. Called Home in 1976. 

     Rev. K. Mathai

Member of Iyranikudy Charivuparambil family. Gave leadership for the Evangelical Church in Central Travancore. Called Home in 1963. 

     Rev. K. K. Mathen

Member of Valakuzhy Keecheril family.  After resigning his secular job in North India he became a presbyter in the Evangelical Church. Fought a good fight. Called home in 1991. 

     Miss. K.T. Annamma, Woman Evangelist

She was a member of the Mar Thoma Sevika Sanghom.  Later became a member of our Sevinee Samajom (Women’s wing of the Church).  Traveling lady evangelist whose ardent faith and dedication will be remembered. 

     Evangelist Mr. T. Isaac

Evangelist of South Travancore.  One of the evangelists who worked with Rev. P.C. Zachariah.  He assisted Rev. P.C. Zachariah in constructing the present church buildings in the mission fields. 

     K.S. Joseph, Esquire

An able and prominent advocate in Trivandrum.  Member of Kurudamannil family, Ayroor.  Leader of Travancore State Congress and Member of the Travancore Legislative Assembly.  Gave leadership to the formation of the Evangelical Church.  The Trivandrum parish of the Evangelical Church held its Sunday Worship Services in his home for the first couple of years till the present church was constructed.  Passed away in 1964. 

Our Present Leaders:

    Bishop P.I. Alexander

Born at Punnavely, Kerala on March 24, 1939. Obtained his B. A. & B.Ed. degrees from St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta, India, and his B.D. degree from the South India Biblical Seminary, Bengarapet, Karnataka 1972.  Served as a pastor of the Church in the Calcutta parish and in Kerala parishes such as Kundara, North Travancore, Ayroor, etc.  Served as the Secretary of the Youth's Board, Evangelistic Board, and the Fellowship.  Attended Haggai Institute, Singapore in 1972.  Was a delegate to the International Council of Christian Churches' World Congress at Cape May, U.S.A. in 1983, and to the International Conference for Itinerant Evangelists at Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1986.  Visited and preached in foreign countries such as the USA., Canada, Singapore, Nepal, and Gulf Countries.  Consecrated as Bishop on July 23, 1995.  Married to Mrs. Saramma Alexander, and have four children: Grace, Finney, Sophia, Abey. 

    Rev. K.M. Abraham

Born at Mulavana, Kundara on August 25, 1932.  Studied at Sree Narayana College, Quilon.  Obtained his Divinity degree from the South India Biblical Seminary, Bengarapapet, Karnataka in 1961.  Ordained as a Presbyter in the St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India in 1963.  Served as a presbyter in about 40 parishes of the Church across India, including those parishes in Calcutta, Madras, Ernakulom, Ayroor, Konni Centre Edavakas, Omalloor Centre Edavakas, and Edavakas in Kundara Centre.  Served as South Travancore Missionary and as the Evangelistic Board Secretary from 1976 to 2000.  Presently the Vice President of the Fellowship and serves on all the committees of the Church.  Visited and preached in many countries such as the USA and the Gulf countries. Was a delegate to the World Congress of the International Council of Christian Churches at Cape May, U.S.A, in 1973.  Married to Mrs. Aleyamma Abraham, and have three children: Boby, Benny, and Biju. 

     Rev. Joy Mathew

 General Secretary

General Secretary:


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